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Tina M

Immersive Interactive Artist + Designer

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About Me



I'm an Immersive Interactive Artist and Designer. My specialty is in the design and development of interactive experiences in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.  I have skills with virtual world creation and interactivity using Unity or Unreal Engine. 


I graduated from Otis College of Art and Design with a degree in Digital Media and an emphasis on 3D design and virtual reality development. I also have a minor in creative writing.

I received an MFA in Media Arts at the University of Montana.  My research used innovative technology and creativity to create empathetical user-based works of art. 

Open to collaboration.  Available to move or work remotely.  


May 2022

May 2017

Master of Fine Arts, Media Arts

University of Montana, Montana

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Digital Media

Otis College of Art and Design, California

Professional Experience

Sept 2022 - Current

May 2022 - November 2022

Sept 2019 = May 2022

June 2020 - May 2022

Adjunct Professor, Media Arts - Remote

The University of Montana SVMA, Missoula, MT

  • Develop and implement innovative projects and activities to engage students

  • Conduct live and asynchronous Q&A sessions with students to provide personalized feedback

  • Create and manage discussion boards and other online forums to facilitate student learning

  • Develop and follow a course syllabus to ensure students meet all learning objectives

  • Create and manage assessments and tests to assess student understanding

  • Engage in ongoing research and development to stay up to date on recent trends in interactive art and technology

  • Collaborate with other faculty and staff to ensure students receive the best education possible

Virtual Reality 3D Asset Designer - Remote

Knickerbocker Media Inc, Los Angeles, CA

  • Using Autodesk Maya, create optimized 3D models of the environment and objects that will be used in the Virtual Reality experience. This includes creating low-poly models that will not cause performance issues for the VR experience.

  • Using SideFX Houdini to create procedural assets that will be utilized in immersive engaging VR experiences. 

  • Using Adobe Photoshop to create custom textures and materials for the assets.

  • Provide consultation on effective methods to create a Virtual Reality experience in Unreal Engine 4

Graduate Assistant Media Arts

The University of Montana, Missoula, MT

  • Provided technical support to students in the lab, helping them troubleshoot software and hardware issues

  • Assisted in the development of course materials, including syllabi, assignments, and online tutorials

  • Created and maintained a database of student work for review and assessment

  • Assisted in the development of interactive media projects, including web-based applications, video games, interactive art and design, and virtual reality experiences

Digital Art Instructor- Remote

TechAbility, New York, NY

  • Collaborated with creative teams to create and design curriculum material tailored to children from 1st through 9th grade

  • Instruct students on principles of design and design practice 

  • Encourage innovative thinking, problem-solving, and creative solutions

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