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AR Painting in VR Gallery
During the three days of the show, many people, either individuals or groups, engaged in the installations.  Most had a sense of wonderment, awe, or just a feeling of joy in these various interactive experiences.  

There were some challenging moments in terms of the curation of the space.  Hanging the projectors turned out to be too dangerous and so were ultimately placed on the ground.   The two side walls held the digital paintings and in the middle was the interactive wall piece with the Kinect camera on a pedestal.  This worked out great because it funneled people into the space to the interactive wall.  Unfortunately, the digital painting on the sidewall didn't quite work because people couldn't get a close-up look and the placement of the VR experience broke the illusion of a shared space.   Ideally, the digital paintings would surround the VR experience so that physical space mirrored the virtual space creating a mixed reality effect.

Viewers interacted with the AR interactive installation during the showcase using glow sticks.  Using glow sticks, the audience can paint using the illumination of the glow stick, which is captured by a camera and then stretched.  Each painting was photographed during the show and then placed inside the VR Art Gallery so they could be viewed virtually and displayed virtually.  


Adobe Photoshop, Touch Designer, UE4
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