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Vampire Throne
The Vampire Queen's Throne
Excerpt from the novel The Undying


     "The moon peeked through the skylight shining it’s delicate light. A hint of kerosene and candle wax from the silver gothic chandeliers glowed in a deep orange as the only other light source. Below the magnificent ceiling was a pool of blood with a waterfall of the crimson liquid pouring into it from the throne at the opposite end of the entranceway. 


The throne was the focal point. This was where the Vampire Queen sat and marveled over her subjects that continued to gather into the room. The throne was decorated with red burgundy velvet cushions with black and gold rims with fang like points sticking out perfectly symmetrical on each side. The legs of her magnificent chair were draped in black and red silk as if to mimic that wings of a bat, which matched perfectly with the black marble statue of wings that were attached to her throne. The marble bat like wings seemed to curl as if to hug the red velour seats of her consorts." 

Written by Tina M
Unreal Engine, Autodesk Maya, Marmoset, Quixel Suite, Photoshop
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