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Pink's Donut Co Ad
Pink's Donut Co. is a made up Donut company that makes fresh, organic, donuts from scratch.  

In this motion graphics peice I experiemented with modelling in Houdini.  I also looked at a Houdini to Touch Designer workflow for real time rendering. The first part of this peice was modeled in Houdini then the object is exported as an FBX into Touch Designer.   From there I could instance the donut to create this donut rain effect which is driven by CHOP data.  Once I had that rendered out in real-time.  I then changed the camera angle in Houdini and simulated a donut drop and collide with a flat surface.  This was then rendered in Houdini's render system called Mantra. After all the rendering, I composited it together in After Effects.  This required a lot of color correcting and grading. I also had to add shadows throughout to make it more believable.

Finally, I added some typography and animation to create this short simple Donut Ad. 

View Blog for more detailed process.

Houdini, Touch Designer, After Effects
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