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AfterEffects- CoffeeJump Sketch

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Day 3

This is part of a series of improving my digital skills. The goal is to follow tutorials and post my progress here. I will use various tools including, but not limited to, Houdini, Touch Designer, Unreal Engine, Unity, Maya, Blender, After Effects, and even Photoshop character and environment concepts.

In this sketch, I was inspired by Tiantian Xu's 100 Days of Motion Design- How I taught myself to create 50 pieces of animation in 100 days. I find that the process is simple with guided tutorials and genuinely beautiful work. I wanted to take this one as a challenge to my creativity and vastly improve my motion design skills. I follow similar designs, a very simplistic background, and a cute food-related character.

If I were to push this further, I might add a moving liquid effect.


Character Animation

Color Palette choice

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