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Apple's AR Glasses

It's exciting to see how big companies are responding to social distancing practices. With Apple's purchase of NextVR the expectation of advancing innovative technologies seem right around the corner. The combination of technologies can open the door to new ideas and developments.

The interesting aspect of Apple's new AR glasses is that it is being marketed as "sleek". Is the age of big clunky HMD's over? What made VR so unattainable for mass consumers was that no one enjoyed putting on the big headset. It's impractical even when Oculus went wireless with Go and now with Quest. With the combination of apple technology and design, VR and AR may having a thriving chance to be the next big thing since the iPhone. Or will this fail like Google Glass?

Ultimately, the curious aspect of all of this is will this change how designers and developers create content for the glasses?

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