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Artificial Reality- Myron Krueger

Myron Krueger

Imagine this, its 1975, the first-ever personal computer came out the MITS Altair 8800, state of an art portable computer. It is the prime example of innovative technology.

But realistically, to even come close to what we do today, we probably used a machine like this...

A big clunky machine that takes up an entire room.

Now imagine being a computer scientist...

This is the story of Myron Krueger.

Krueger earned his degree in C0mputer Science at the University of Wisconsin- Madison and was an innovator for first-generation virtual reality and augmented reality coining the term Artificial Reality.

GlowFlow 1969

1969, Krueger with collaborates designed a computer-controlled environment called Glowflow, a controlled light sound environment that responded to people within it.

The installation consisted of a dark room in “which glowing lines of light defined an illusory space. The display was accomplished by pumping phosphorescent particles through transparent tubes attached to the gallery walls" (Compart).

Recreation of the Experience - James Wright

MetaPlay 1970

Krueger applied his efforts from Glowflow to MetaPlay which focused on the interaction between participants and the environment.

VideoPlace 1989

His most notable work is VideoPlace. This was the first time multi-user capability was possible. The rig was outstanding.

"For Krueger it was these relationships between action and response that were most important: "The beauty of the visual and aural response is secondary. The response is the medium" (385)! As an art form, this is unique. Instead of an artist creating a piece of artwork, the artist is creating a sequence of possibilities. Conversely, the audience is not looking at a piece of artwork. Instead, they are actively involved, sharing in the creation of the art(Digitalage )"

More Examples with rudimentary UX design.

"Man-machine interaction is usually limited to a seated man poking at a machine with his fingers...I was dissatisfied with such a restricted dialogue and embarked on research exploring more interesting ways for men and machines to relate" - Myron Krueger

Quote from https://aboutmyronkrueger.weebly.com/

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