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C++ Guess the Word Game

Day 60

Throughout the year I've been learning coding. Some projects are more creative than others. Recently, I've been focused on learning C++ with Unreal Engine. Through a course on Udemy I've been learning the basics of C++ and how to apply it in Unreal Engine using Visual Studio Code as my main IDE.

The course is 8 sections long and as I complete them I will record my progress.


Created by Ben Tristem, Sam Pattuzzi, Team

Section 3: Bulls and Cows

In this section, Mike, the instructor provides a game template called Bulls and Cows.

Note: All assets are provided complimentary by the instructor. I do not own any of the assets in this game.

Mike breaks down the basics of C++ similarly to the TripleX game except this time within the context of Unreal Engine 4. From setting up header files, to arrays, and prompting the player, etc. This is similar to the terminal game except this time with randomized words.

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