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Houdini- Disintegration Sketch

Day 4

This is part of a series of improving my digital skills. The goal is to follow tutorials and post my progress here. I will use various tools including, but not limited to, Houdini, Touch Designer, Unreal Engine, Unity, Maya, Blender, After Effects, and even Photoshop character and environment concepts.

In this sketch, I explore Houdini's popnet to disintegrate a mesh in a seamless flowy way. The geometry and particle animation was designed in Houdini and post process color and smoothing was done in After Effects. This was based on the MiesnerMedia Tutorial.


Setting up the geo with a Font node and a polyextrude.

Adding a secondary geo sphere then adding a mountain node to deform it, which gives it a jagged look.

Using the boolean tool, the shape geo cuts into the font geo to give it a fade effect.

The boolean is duplicated and set to the seam parameter, which allows for a more organic fade out. A popnet is added to the points of the geo.

From here, I manipulate the birth rate of the particles and the wind force to create this flowy feel.

I built a simple environment, created an environment light and point light, added a simple principle material with a color change animation and a simple camera pan.

Final preview render.

Tools used:

Houdini, After Effects, Media Encoder

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