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Houdini- Drop Simulation

Day 61

In this sketch, I learn how rigid bodies work in this simple practice project. Using the same donut model I simulated a drop or a fall and then collided with a flat surface.



The simulation is created by using a DOPNetwork which calls the geometry from the obj level. From there I can merge the flat plane and the donut together. I added a bullet solver and gravity which creates the simulation of the drop. More importantly, was made sure that the plane is a static object and does not move with the donut.

After applying the simulation I then had to create the lighting and shadows on the object for a realistic look. I also hid the plane as I did not want to render the actual plane, but the simulation itself.

This is a sample of the obj level. I have placed two geo nodes; Donut and floor. Besides, it is the DOPNetwork that retains the simulation data. Then I used several cameras and lighting to create the desired effect.

This is an example of the DOPnetwork. I applied two objects, one that is static(floor) and one with a rigid body (donut) which is then merged and applied a bullet solver and gravity to create the drop simulation.

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