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TD- Donut Rain

Day 58

In this sketch, I wanted to explore a workflow from Houdini to Touch Designer. After exporting the geo from Houdini I worked to import the geo into TD. I struggled with attaching it to a particle system and instead decided to use instancing driven by CHOP data to create the rain effect.


For this piece I was inspired by Band New School - Play with Oreo advertisement. I went with a similar tone of color, but with a pink color. The donuts then rain down. This would be interesting to use in motion graphics work.


First I imported the donut fbx into touch designer. I struggled to get it connected with the rest of my network.

Then I transformed the orientation of the donut for a more dynamic animation.

Using CHOP data I created this falling donut animation.

For this final image, I tweaked the lighting for clarity and applied this pink background.

This is the network used to accomplish this. CHOP data is used for instance with geo.

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