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TD- Instance of Dance

Day 55

In this sketch, I was inspired by my colleague's take on an AR sculpture. I wanted to attempt to do something in the same vein, but with a reactive element. For this, I used Acrylicode's Tutorial Twisting Spheres with Changing Colors to create the sculptural element. Then I isolated low midi audio waves to have the object dance so that it wasn't a static piece, but truly reactive to the sounds using a microphone in the room.


Mic picking up Doja Cat's Woman from youtube.

Rivers Perry Performing A River Flows through You by Yurima


Generating a sphere and then instancing the sphere to create particles. Then a noise sop and twist sop is added to create the illusion of dancing.

Adding color data using the colour lover picker and then converting it into a chop. The chop data is then driven by the sop data so that each instance is rendered color.

Example of the network. Audio chops are used to filter the ranges in sound. Although only the low pass is being used to move the particles.

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