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TD- Musical Wall

Day 39

In this sketch, I explore more uses of grids in complex networks using Touch Designer. Following the tutorial by Paketa12 on youtube, who uses projection mapping on a building. For this, I used the image provided and created a simple low-poly model. Following the tutorial closely, I recreated the projection map with color effects and a grid-like pattern. What is removed from the tutorial is the audio reactivity. I used audio input, isolating the frequency of sound, and then applying it to the grid size and color.

Dense Grid in Touch Designer


Old Songs but its Lofi

Daft Punk- Digital Love


Reference Image of the Projection space.

Creating the model in Maya with UVs.

Setup Network: Import the fbx mesh. Convert it to a SOP Geo using a Select node. Generating points and building a render network. The Chop constant builds the grid.

Using the mesh as a base, this network breaks it down with scale and height as well as position and color. Which are then plugged into the two separate geo nodes, The pattern is driven by a line SOP.

Adding the audio network. This calculates the frequency of the audio into numbers which can then manipulate the design.

Final Output

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