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TD- Rozin / Nato Mirror

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Day 41

This sketch is heavily influenced by Daniel Rozin and uses the base project by Nato the talking ball.

This explores different ways to use interactivity with reflections as a concept. In this work, I am inspired by Daniel Rozin’s approach to interactive art. I am fascinated by this concept of mirrors as part of art. As mentioned in a previous post Marcel Duchamp states that the work isn’t complete until observed. What if the work is a reflection of self? What does that mean for the work, and how does it affect the individual?

In this piece, I hope to gauge this question and tackle some of the limitations we have with the current state of the world. In short, to create an interactive installation that is COVID safe and fun using reflections.




This network is directly fabricated from Nato the Talking ball tutorial, however, I added a color change element to make the piece more enticing and dynamic. I added a color network and have it cycle through a color palette.

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