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TouchDesigner- AudioVisual Spectrum

Day 5

This is part of a series of improving my digital skills. The goal is to follow tutorials and post my progress here. I will use various tools including, but not limited to, Houdini, Touch Designer, Unreal Engine, Unity, Maya, Blender, After Effects, and even Photoshop character and environment concepts.

In this sketch, I explore audio side of Touch Designer. How do I combine audio with visuals that a stunning and emotive?

I've been inspired by Marceline from Adventure Time and decided to cover one of her more popular songs. I recorded myself singing and playing guitar and then mixed it in Adobe Audition. Following the tutorial by Noto The Talking Ball, I work through to create an Audiovisualizer Spectrum.


I start with a sphere and set up my audio network. From here I have to pull the audio spectrum with a series of nodal networks that are manipulated by alpha data. I create a simple pbr material and use the Colour Lover Palette Picker developed by Eric Mintzer 2014. I set up a series of networks that generate maps for the pbr material. Most importantly, I duplicated the twist node and transformed it to match the X value to create that blooming flower look.

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