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A House in Time

a VR demo

In Game Walk Through


Maya, Unreal Engine, Substance Designer, Photoshop

Oculus Rift Interactive Touch Controls

Stereoscopic View


The Story 

Based on the short fiction

Logline: “A contemporary photographer struggles to overcome terrifying historical events in order to understand and connect with a mysterious woman who owns a house with a portal through time in Eastern Europe’s secluded Forests.” 


The inspiration for “A House in Time” was the desire to write a story for a Virtual Reality Experience. The audience is the protagonist, Caleb, following his mysterious counterpart Sasha as she travels through time using a 1000-year-old house as a portal. The goal is to plunge the viewer in different time periods in order to experience historical events. 


For this VR Demo I want the viewer to experience an example of this experience could be if fully realized. It consists of the viewer's first experience of the house in modern times. Inside of the house will be various crucial objects that are embedded within the story that will be used to give the feel of the story. 

Now Avaliable at the Otis College of Art and Design Library

Concept Art by Jon Yousef

Layout and Planning

Rough Models


Creator/ Designer

Tina M


Sound Designer

Camden Barkley


Technical Artist

Michael Fiefer




Concept Art

Jon Yousef


Ryan Liyanaralage

Kevin Ginsberg

Lanea Bowie


Anna Solomko

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