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Augmented Reality Interactive Wall Painting
After several iterations, the final piece was this augmented reality drawing with glow sticks.  This is an iteration of the Interactive Drawing pieces.  This uses similar technology to give participants the freedom to create art.  In this piece, the Microsoft Kinect was used to generate a color map in Touch Designer.  Then using Touch Designer’s built-in GLSL node and python code to isolate the brightness of certain color pixels.  Once the colors are isolated, feedback loops are used to create the drawing effect.  This differs from the other iterations; Interactive Drawing Experience and the Interactive Light,  in that it relies on the image it is captured in real-time rather than skeletal tracking or depth map from the Kinect.

In order for the effect to work in the gallery space, I used glow sticks so the camera would be able to pick up on the brightness of the colors and create the painting effect.  Participants throughout the three-day showing were able to come in using a glow stick and create augmented works of art in the physical space, therefore, going beyond the surface and also creating a community dialogue of the work and their experience with it.



Touch Designer, Microsoft Kinect
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