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Interactive Light Experience-Installation

Day 29

In this sketch, I sought out to create an immersive experience that users could experience using an item that almost everyone carries, a smartphone/cellphone. For this piece, I was inspired by Xinmax's tutorial on flashlight painting in 3D and is very much the backbone of this piece. However, I wanted to add an audio reactive element to it as well.

All generated in touch designer.

Live Presentation



This video shows the nodal network in touch designer. All of the components necessary to create this experience.

The base of this experience is light tracing. A webcam is used for this and then a series of nodes are used to track the light emitted from a bright phone screen. Then a geometry node is used to give the trace life with a line sprite material.

A secondary geometry node is then connected to the line. This will generate the particles the correspond with the line tracing. So that as the trace moved it will slowly dissipate into particles. Inside this geometry node, a complex system of audio inputs is set up.

Audio input is used and then resampled and then multiplied in order to calculate the frequency of the music. This then generates the frequencies into values. These values are then plugged into the particle system via Drag + Turbulence parameters. Thus making the particles react to the audio.

A secondary layer of particles is also used using a similar method for more atmosphere and emphasis on the audio-reactive aspect. These nodal networks are then composited together to create this final product.

An immersive experiential piece with user and audio inputs.

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