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Houdini- Donut

Day 57

In this sketch, I continue to learn how procedural modeling works in Houdini. With this very simple process, I was able to make each asset for a Donut with chocolate and rainbow sprinkles.



In Houdini, geo is isolated into separate groups that then work off each other. Start with a Torus and add a color node. I also added a mountain node for the imperfections.

The next geo uses an object merge node, basically using the data from the previous geo. Then I isolated the vertices to extrude the icing.

Now for the sprinkles, I used a scatter node which is driven by the vertices of the icing.

Then using a tube or a sphere I merged to the points from the scatter. I also used attribute nodes to create randomized rotation and color.

Final product produces this very simple donut design.

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